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Facilitative Crisis & Disaster Intervention
to Build
Resilient Communities

GFSC Global Facilitators Serving Communities Training for Trainers(ToT)February 2016

Channeling a traumatic event is a very challenging job. Our inability to make peace with the event leaves an intangible scar which overpowers us eventually. This program provides practical approaches to guide the community recovery process after a major disaster.

Mark Pixley
, Director at GFSC (Global Facilitators Serving Communities). He is coming to Nepal with the worldwide successful Crisis and Disaster Intervention Training for trainers. We can help victims overcome the effects of any traumatic event.

Three day session from Feb. 9
11, 2016

Entrepreneurship Development Training

Developing the Entrepreneurship Capacity
February 2016

Do you want to start an enterprise? How you can make your organization financially sustainable? These are some of the questions to be shared in this training.

The Key Trainer
Dr. V K Arora, who is a Trainer/ Resource Person associated with the Management Associates Private Limited, India will be conducting the session.

Two days session from Feb. 20
21, 2016


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