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We have been a Leading NGO for Human Development for the past 16 years, during which time, several changes have occurred in the local, national and global context. Nepal witnessed a decade long insurgency, political upheavals and movement which replaced the traditional monarchy system with a republic.

During the turmoil of conflict and violence, the presence of government in the villages, local communities; civil organizations like ICA Nepal played a remarkable role in making the transformation. ICA worked in changing attitudes of warring factions and enhancing public participation for the revival of democracy. Through this small beginning, it has been able to reach thousands of people in various parts of the country.

Since its inception, ICA Nepal has been playing a significant role in the country to achieve remarkable improvements in terms of people's participation, equality, leadership and improving lives. ICA will continue this role in the future and expects to make a big impact by transforming societies.

Since, 1999, ICA Nepal introduced its community development activities in ten districts of Nepal; and applied the ToP method at the local level in Nepal. 'Dalit', (so-called untouchables), empowerment movement was started in the Parbat district, which is one of the remarkable achievements of ICA Nepal. In the same year, Eva Harris of Vision Trust supported ICA Nepal for organizational strengthening activities, with incredible support from MOFA, Japan and MISEREOR, Germany.

  • In 2001 ICA Nepal started a comprehensive community development project in the western part of Nepal.

  • In 2002
    ICA Nepal accomplished another project, Decentralized Transformative Approaches Leadership Programme. In the same year, a learning center was established in Changunarayan, Bhaktapur.

  • In 2003
    ICA Nepal facilitated along with ICA Bangladesh, and an ICA International team, to start the training of local staff on ICA methodology.

  • In 2004
    Tatwa P. Timsina, was elected as the President of ICA International.

  • In 2005
    ICA Nepal launched the Social Artistry Leadership Program in Nepal. With the technical support of CIVICUS, and the partial financial support of Action Aid Nepal and IDRC, ICA Nepal released, Civil Society Index.

  • In 2006
    ICA Nepal worked as a partner organization of MSH and ADRA Nepal, in the Result Oriented Leadership Development Programme supported by USAID, and ICA trained 300 teachers on life skills based education. ICA implemented CSI recommendations nationally.

  • In 2007
    ICA Nepal, in partnership with the Global Forest Coalition, launched an action research work entitled Underlying Causes of Forest Destruction in three districts. ICA Nepal also implemented an intensive community development project in the Far Western Region with the support of the Poverty Alleviation Fund, Nepal. Professional Career Development Training (PCDT), a 3 month long training program was started and since 2006, ICA Nepal has successfully completed a series of PCDT.

  • 2008
    was a notable year for ICA Nepal. During that year, ICA Nepal joined JHF and planned to train 5000 people on SA leadership in Nepal. This was in partnership with the Robertson Work International Fund for Social Artistry and the International Institute of Social Artistry. Also ICA Nepal implemented Micro Grants Support to 30 youths. During the 7th Global Conference on Human Development in 2008, that was held held in Japan, ICA Nepal proposed to host the 8th Global Conference on Human Development in Nepal, due to the then ongoing change and development taking place in Nepal.

  • In 2009
    ICA supported the ideas of some facilitators to start: ICA Associates.

  • In 2010
    we worked on developing the, Masters Level Curriculum on Training and Development.

  • In 2011
    ICA Nepal established the Institute of Training and Human Development (ITHD) as a sister organization; which is registered and governed by company rule of Nepal. The objective in establishing ITHD is to support ICA Nepal; ITHD conducts training and facilitation courses as a source of income generation.

  • 2012
    was another exciting year for ICA Nepal. ICA Nepal hosted the 8th Global Conference on Human Development. The 8th Global Conference ran over 5 days from October 29 to November 2, 2012 and included 6 major themes which ranged from leadership, education, peace building, building viable future planet earth, to building strategies for comprehensive development and resourcing human development.

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